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Since the word “Green” first started being placed in front of chemistry, many people have argued about what the “right” definition of green chemistry is or isn’t. And, more importantly, what should one actually do to make chemistry “green” or “greener?”


Developed by experts in Chemistry, AI and High Performance Computing.


FitFLOW allows you to check ingredient-product affinity, safety, function and more, each with their own individual flows to easily distinguish.


Identify replacement compounds that are compatible within your context, while also being greener, safer, and better performing.

SwapFLOW Mono, Duo, Trio allows for a range of raw material replacement complexity and IP development

Mono – Input ingredient and our models generate ideal molecules followed by the identification of high-probability candidates to replace them with

Duo – Inputting multiple ingredients, receive recommendations, including possible consolidations, including the potential risks such as the addition of specific functions that come from candidate ingredients

Trio – For highly complex, multi-ingredient swaps, a series of computations come together to deliver educated starting points


Once ingredients are identified, DesignFLOW allows teams to leverage end-to-end AI driven recipe design, receive recommendations on testing, and optimize formulas for performance, cost, efficacy, and more.

Automated data ingestion

Design of experiments

Virtual testing and simulation of outcomes

Multi-Dimensional Optimization

User interface for use by those without data science expertise


MetaFLOWS perform meta-dimensional analyses for complete business transformation.

Enterprise scalability unlocks value from the first experiment through to consumer, with supply chain, sourcing, and globalization accounted for.

Ingredient standardization – identify the top candidates that can be standardized across many formulas to achieve economies of scale

Portfolio harmonization – simplify ingredient inventory by identifying ways to harmonize using fewer raw materials

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